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Believing In The Power Of A Prayer

In hard times we often question why is my prayer not directly granted by God, while I also have to be completely devoted to Him? Everyone wants a happy life. It’s just that the standards vary. However, generally, wealth is usually the main standard. Because of this, many people put it in their prayers and use an this site. There are some things we can make important notes related to the case submitted by the questioner. First, many people question, “Didn’t God promise that He would answer every prayer that His servants made? Why are there still many people who pray to Him, and it has not been granted? The above question is proof of our faith in the word of God, “I grant the request of the person who prays when he prays to me”.

One important principle that we must hold, that all God’s words are true, God’s promises are true, and He will keep His promises. We have to believe this, whatever the circumstances. Some scholars say that what is meant by “prayer” above is ‘worship’. God promises to grant the worship of His servants by rewarding every service received. Truly, the promise that God gives is conditional. That is, only prayers that meet the conditions will be answered by God. Apart from that, it could be that God did not grant it. Second, people generally believe that something he asks for is the best thing for him. That is not necessarily good for him, in the knowledge of God. That’s why, sometimes, God withholds our prayers, because that is better for us than God gives us what we want. This section is important to understand so that we do not prejudice to God when we feel our prayers are not being answered. We must always be sure that God knows the best things for us because He created man and He is the Perfect One of His perfect knowledge.

Third, don’t despair in prayer. Generally, humans are impatient with their desires. All hoped, as much as possible, his wish could be realized instantly. Or at a minimum, don’t wait for a long time. This kind of principle gives a bad effect when we pray and then it is not granted. Usually, boredom and despair appear. You need to know, despair is one of the reasons your prayer was not answered.