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You Can Try These 3 Ad Marketing Tips From Large Companies

How do I make our products quickly known to people? Maybe this is a question that you often ask, but until now you have not found the answer. In addition to the definition of advertising, we will review 3 marketing tips that are part of the advertising of large companies ranging from brand consistency to sales analysis. Meanwhile, if you want to put your ads near OTT contents, we suggest you hire the trusted ott advertising company.

Here are some ad marketing tips from several large companies:

Ad Tip # 1: Get to know each product and service that you have

If you offer several different types of products and services, it is very important to determine which products are suitable for you to promote at this time.

In the world of marketing, you need a sales analysis that can produce:

Which product/service works well in the market. Where this product/service can sell better if there is encouragement from advertising.
Products/services that were not received were as expected.
New products/services that have potential in the market.

Later, most of your marketing budget can be placed based on the product hierarchy you have. In this way, products in the uppermost hierarchy are usually able to boost the popularity of the products underneath.

Ad Tip # 2: Brand consistency

Here maybe your company does not currently have many outlets such as Starbucks, KFC or Breadtalk, but you can still ensure the consistency of the brand that you want to introduce to potential customers, in the following ways.

Use colors and logos consistently in various forms of marketing both online, up to the logo on the screen printing t-shirts that you market.

Ensure a consistent company vision and mission. Especially about the brand image that you want to show, to company employees.

Ad Tip # 3: Give back to the community

People often want to buy products/services that share their views. For example on the issue of green which has been discussed since a decade ago. Many upper-class people who participated to buy many green-themed products. Although it is actually more expensive with features that are exactly the same. You can find many types of household products that implement this method.