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Some Items Needed During Camping

Camping is one of the options to unwind and become a moment to gather with friends and family. There are many alternative camping places that you can choose according to your wishes. Whether going to the mountains or to the beach, camping will still be fun if you prepare yourself and equipment well. If you don’t really like camping, you still have to prepare camping gear for people who hate camping, so you don’t get into trouble while there. Here are the tools that you may not be able to forget besides tents and sleeping bags.

• Practical Cookware
Bring cooking utensils and cutlery that are practical so easy to carry. Without bringing cooking utensils and cutlery, you will be confused when preparing food with your friends/family.

• Matches
Lighters must also be brought as preparation if at any time you need a fire to cook or light a bonfire at night.

• Flashlight
Bring a small and easy-to-carry flashlight so you don’t take up too much space in your bag. Flashlights are very important to carry as lighting at night if there is no adequate lighting on the camping site.

• Change clothes sufficiently
Changing clothes is also very important to bring so you can change your clothes if at any time wet or dirty. Bring enough clothes to change and adjust to the time you spend on camping, so as to minimize your luggage.

• Personal medicine & first aid
If you have a history of certain illnesses it is very mandatory to bring personal medication so that undesirable things do not occur. But if you do not have a history of certain illnesses, it helps you also provide some medicines and first aid supplies for camping.

• Raincoat
Bring a raincoat for each person and your camping activities will continue to run well if it suddenly rains. We can’t predict the weather, so it’s better to always have a raincoat to keep it safe.

• Garbage bags
Camping is one of the activities that can bring us closer to nature, so we also need to think about keeping the earth’s naturally beautiful, yes. One good habit that can be done to maintain the balance of nature is to not leave rubbish on camping locations.