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Foods That Can Help Build Muscle

To make your muscles layered and strong, you do have to train them. Lifting dumbbells, doing kettlebell swings, or push-ups are some of the right exercise options to help the muscles of the body. However, you also need the right food intake to help your body work to build muscle. You can see on the menu choices below to help build muscle or you can also visit our website and find out about get more information.

1. Egg whites with low carbohydrates and without fat
This section contains a lot of protein that will help build muscle when lifting weights in the gym. In addition to protein, egg whites are also sleepy with lots of calories in them and have absolutely no fat. Just separate the egg whites from the yolks – you can use a variety of methods, really. You can eat it by mixing it with oatmeal or making a layer on the sandwich.

2. Red meat that is cooked is not overcooked
It is recommended to separate the fat in meat or indeed choose lean meat. Meat and muscle are also a matching pair. Red meat contains a lot of calories to provide power when you exercise. In addition, the level of protein from red meat is quite high. It is recommended that you eat red meat after doing heavy and long weight training. The protein in it can help accelerate post-training recovery while also forming greater muscle mass.

3. Boiled salmon for less than 15 minutes
Even if it is fish, salmon has a high-calorie level. Professional athletes often make the salmon menu a menu before training or a big match. Simply boil it with a temperature of 150 degrees less than 15 minutes and then eat it if it is on the vegetable salad menu or eat olive oil. About 100 grams of salmon contains 200 calories, 23 grams of protein, and 12 grams of fat. In other words, the salmon menu is also suitable to be used as a diet menu for you who do not do muscle formation.