3 Things To Do Before Visiting Antares Condo Showflat

Located in Mattar Road Singapore, Antares condo show flat can be your alternative residential for future investment. This high-residential condo is perfect for young families with its premium taste and architecture. The residents will have access to the amenities around the strategic location, such as prestigious schools, shopping malls, and restaurants. So this condo showflat is recommended for you to live with the whole families.

Before you buy a new condo, here are things you should do while visiting this condo showflat.

The Things To Do Before Visiting Antares Condo Showflat

1. ABSD and TDSR
Before you visit the Antares, it is better for you to know and understand about ABSD and TSDR works. ABSD is the amount of tax that charged after your first property purchase and it can vary depending on the properties you owned. Your citizenship also determines the ABSD also to purchasing the property. The TDSR you are in is also important if you are affected by it.

2. The Housing Loan
The Antares Condo showflat has a sales team that can help and recommend you the best panel bankers, which is important of your loan assessment.

3. The Balloting System
Since the condo is not open yet, they have a balloting system and it is important for you to understand how it works on the launch date. You can call the hotline number of sales for early registration. You can also fill your contact form and soon you will be directed to by their experienced and customer-friendly sales team. You may come to the showflat that is located along The Tampines- Avenue 7.

You can contact the developer sales staff if you have any inquiries. They will make a schedule to meet-up or just having a non-obligation discussion. That’s the things you should do before visiting Antares showflat. So, it is important for you to collect information on the sales team and learn the obligation

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